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MerMarché Wholesale is open to beauty vendors big and boutique who are looking for a brand with style, substance and sustainability.

As a MerMarché stockist, you'll be diversifying your product line with ocean-derived ingredients, built by a brand that started in salons with a mission for sustainability.

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We believe that clean beauty and sustainability go hand in hand to preserve our lives and our planet.

We are committed to creating products that nourish our bodies while keeping our beauty routine minimal and effective.

Our ingredients are derived from the ocean and earth as we believe they offer countless benefits and remedies.

We honor humankind through ethical sourcing and business practices.

MerMarché products are vegan and cruelty-free.We will never use animal products or byproducts.And will never test on animals.

Our prayer is that by honoring people and the planet through our brand efforts, we will inspire others to embrace whole beauty and commune with nature

Every product we make is imbued with the best ingredients derived from land and sea.

A few of our luminaries include:
- Organic Seabuckthorn: regeneration and reparation
- Organic Aloe Leaf Juice: anti-inflammatory
- Organic Jojoba Seed Oil: soothes and moisturizes

We use recyclable materials whenever possible, from our products to our shipping supplies.And we will continue to seek the best options as our line grows and better materials become available.

Glow Scrub

Exfoliate your skin gently with this safe and effective walnut-based scrub that reveals smooth, toned, glowing skin.

Glow Oil

Awaken your skin naturally with this deeply hydrating forumla. Packed with fatty acids to restore your skin to its optimal glow.

Renew Cream

Regain youthful hands with this antioxidant-rich anti-aging formula that deeply hydrates while leaving your hands silky and smooth.

Body Brush

This ancient ritual is ideal for exfoliating the body while improving circulation. Made of plant-based sisal and bamboo.

Bamboo Headband

The perfect addition to protect your hair during your skin care rituals. We especially recommend it when using the Glow Scrub.

Agate Gua Sha

Made of natural agate stone symbolizing harmony and rebalance. This ancient ritual is ideal for facia massage and sculpting.

beauty rituals honoring self and sea

new arrivals

The Rituals Bag:
made of eco-friendly recyclable tyvek.
this bag is perfect for holding all of your daily rituals be it at home or on the go.

Agate Gua Sha Stone:
made of natural agate stone symbolizing harmony and rebalance.
this ancient ritual is ideal for facial massage and sculpting.

awaken your skin

awaken your skin naturally

Glow Oil
$ 44.00 USD
Glow Oil
Glow Scrub
$ 48.00 USD
Glow Scrub
exfoliate your skin with mermarche products

exfoliate your skin gently

renew cream for hands from mermarche

renew your hands youthfully

Grey Agate Gua Sha
$ 60.00 USD
Grey Agate Gua Sha

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Recyclable packaging
USA made
Recyclable packaging
USA made