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On the Podcast: Holistic Healing through German New Medicine with Annie Heatly

In this episode, we explore the fascinating principles of German New Medicine (GNM) with our special guest and avid student of GNM, Annie Heatly. GNM is a revolutionary approach to health and wellness that challenges conventional medicine's understanding of disease and healing. Annie introduces us to the core principles of GNM, which are rooted in the idea that the mind, body, and emotions are intricately connected, and that illness is not random but rather a meaningful response to unresolved emotional conflicts.

Annie shares compelling case studies and insights into how GNM offers a holistic framework for understanding and addressing health issues. We learn about the five biological laws of GNM, which explain the biological significance of symptoms and how they correlate with specific emotional conflicts. Annie emphasizes the importance of self-awareness, emotional processing, and stress reduction in achieving holistic healing according to GNM principles.

Throughout the episode, we explore practical strategies and tools for applying GNM in daily life, including mindfulness practices and lifestyle adjustments. Annie also addresses common misconceptions about GNM and its compatibility with other healing modalities. Whether you're new to the concept of German New Medicine or looking to deepen your understanding, this episode offers valuable insights and inspiration for anyone seeking a more holistic approach to health and well-being. Join us as we journey into the world of GNM and discover the transformative power of integrating mind, body, and spirit in healing.




Book: German New Medicine by Katherine Willow N.D.

Book: Terminal Cancer is a Misdiagnosis by Danny Carrol

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