Acca Kappa - Porcupine Brush For Fine Hair

$ 30.00

Ideal for fine or delicate hair. Easy to use Kotibe Wood handle with high quality bi-level tufts made with pure Boar Bristles and Nylon Monofilament with rounded tips. The Porcupine styled bi-level tufts allow for easy catch and release of the hair. The rounded nylon tips delicately massage the scalp while the pure boar bristles provide volume and shine to hair. Ideal for blow-drying any hairstyle.

921 / 1.95 - 1.65" / Small

To Use: For the best blow out, from a proper distance direct the heat of the hair dryer repeatedly on the hair and pull it taut from hairline. For a longer hold, let the brush cool down leaving the hair rolled up around it. To get less volume at the hairline, loosen the grip of the brush and let the ends cool down while still rolled up around the brush. Can be used on wet or dry hair.


  • Ideal for fine, delicate hair.
  • Perfect for delicate styling or straightening hair.
  • Boar bristles polish hair shaft for natural hair shine.
  • Natural Bristles evenly distribute nutrients throughout hair.
  • Longer nylon bristles massage the scalp an help with easy release of hair to avoid damage. 



Use the Acca Kappa cleaning brush to clean your dry hairbrush once a week. Wash only when necessary but no more than 3-4 times a year.

DO NOT soak wooden handle in water or apply aggressive chemical products and oils directly on the brush.

END OF LIFE: The wood handle and boar bristles are 100% compostable.