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Holistic Living with Tifany Khakdoust of the Great Love Club

We first met Tifany at a Women's Day Retreat hosted by The Great Love Club. She is one of the most caring, compassionate, and calming souls you'll ever encounter. Her holistic approach to life is incredibly inspiring and we know she'll inspire you as well.

Q: Share with us a bit about yourself and the Great Love Club?

A: My name is Tifany and I run the great love club with my sister, Olivia. The club is an extension of our souls in physical form. The mission behind it is to cultivate an in-person community of like minded folks who hold the value of love at the forefront. We host free & ticketed weekly events that support and promote small local businesses in as many ways as possible.

Q: What inspired your passion for cultivating community?

A: This community developed from our own need for real friendship. We had a lot of people in our lives but very few who we felt we could be our true selves with. We realized the key to an intimate friendship was shared interests and values, but we didn’t know where we could go to find that. The club formed without us really knowing what it would become. It started with a simple walk on Tuesday mornings that invited ”kind people” looking for community to come meet us and walk the beautiful streets of Laguna Beach. When 25 people showed up to a 7am week-day walk, we knew we weren’t alone in our need for like-minded community.

Q: How would you encourage others to embrace their local community?

A: I would suggest to start by defining your values and then finding local small businesses or groups who share these values! Then, get out of your comfort zone and spend time there. Take a yoga class, read your book in a specialty cafe, join a hiking club, spend the morning at the local farmers market. If you’re out of your house, you’re bound to meet someone new. And if you’re in an environment that supports your values, chances are they’ll be like minded which will foster a real connection.

Q: What makes you feel most alive and grounded?

A: I feel the most alive and grounded when I am living in harmony with the earth.  When I can source something directly from nature instead of being a consumer, like collecting my own spring water in the mountains, drying foraged herbs for tea and processing plants for cordage.

Q: Do you have any rituals that you practice consistently?

A: I have a morning ritual I rarely miss. I wake up early, before my partner, and I spend my mornings alone in quiet prayer and conversation with God. I sip my coffee with my sweet cat in my arms and I pray for myself, my family, my friends, my business and the ones who’ve caused me pain. I bless everyone and wish them healing and love. I read the Bible, journal, and set intentions for the day. I don’t look at my phone until around 9am and this whole practice helps me to stay mindful and loving throughout the day. I like to sneak in little oil hand and face massages throughout the day when I need a minute to sit in solitude and come back to myself. I’m obsessed with MerMarche’s GLOW OIL! I carry it around with me most days.

Q: How do you commune with nature throughout your days?

A: I’m so blessed to live in a home with a yard & lush organic garden that’s a short walk to the beach. I spend a lot of time sitting in the sun, listening to the birds and thanking God for this beautiful Earth. I try to incorporate nature into everything I do. When creating content for companies or hosting events, my first choice is to head outside to my backyard, the beach or somewhere lush and magical. I’m usually barefoot soaking it all in and connecting with the soul of the world.

Q: How do you incorporate plants into your beauty/wellness routine?

A: I’m extremely conscious of the products I use on my skin, which is why I was so drawn to MerMarché. I always choose natural ingredients and that means all of the products I use are plant derived. I’m an herbal girl and believe in the healing powers of plant medicine. I’m rarely found without a cup of tea that I either foraged or bought from a local apothecary. Beauty and wellness go hand in hand. If you’re nourishing your mind, body & soul, you’ll glow from the inside out.

Q: What do you feel is your greatest piece of wisdom to share with our community?

A: You’re the only one who knows what’s best for you. I spent a lot of my life listening to what people told my life should look like and I lost my own voice. Even if someone has the best intentions for you, you need to be so in touch with your soul that you ultimately make your own decisions.

If you live in SoCal, be sure to check out A Slow Market - a monthly offering by The Great Love Club. We will be among the vendors on May 6th!

You can also find Tifany and the Great Love Club on instagram - @thegreatloveclub

*photography by Gemma Totten

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