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Why Our Skin Needs Plants

We've all heard the saying "be one with nature". The universal knowledge that when we connect with nature, we feel our most calm, grounded, and healthy.  And so it goes with our skin. Being the largest organ in our bodies, our skin is the main source where all that we expose ourselves to is absorbed and secreted.

Yet, somewhere along the way, be it modern science or technology, we have lost sight of the vital connection between our body and plants. And our body's natural need for the healing that plants offer. From ancient remedies to generational family recipes, we've all been exposed to the healing power of plants in some shape or form.

My own connection with plants is rooted in stories of my Great Grandfather using plants from his garden for all sorts of ailments. I'll never forget the immediate relief I felt the first time I cracked into an Aloe leaf to soothe a sunburn. And the way Calendula calmed the rashes on my baby's sensitive skin during those early days of motherhood. This is just a glimpse of how plants have shown up for me.

Plants offer an abundance of benefits in both protecting and healing the skin...

  • Due to active compounds found in plants, plant-based skincare is the safest way to prevent damage and adverse affects longterm.
  • Plants are rich in antioxidants which are essential in restoring, balancing, and strengthening our skin barrier. All while supporting our microbiome and combating free radicals.
  • Plants are packed with natural fats and acids, helping to calm acne, improve moisture, balancing sebum production, reducing scars, and increasing elasticity.
  • Plants contain naturally occurring polymers (Hydrocolloids) which add a subtle texture to the products (thickening); a natural alternative to synthetic polymers and petrochemicals that can cause long-term damage.

In the same way plants can work wonders in our daily diet habits, the same goes with our daily beauty rituals.

Our mission and desire at MerMarché is to be a bridge between these ancient teachings and our modern lives. Thus, we began our offerings with the Universal Line. A collection of products created for every body to embrace our most healthy natural glow.

Seabuckthorn berry is an ingredient we use in our beloved Renew Cream. It's what makes it that warm creamy color. Known for its rich embodiment of vitamins and fatty acids, this medicinal plant helps improve blood circulation and reduces signs of aging.

Aloe Leaf Juice, found in our Glow Scrub, soothes irritation, moisturizes, diminishes fine lines, lightens skin spots, and reduces acne.

Meadowfoam Seed Oil, found in our Glow Oil, seals in moisture while balancing the skin's natural oil production. Providing a soft, even complexion.

"Nature itself is the best physician." - Hippocrates

Here at MerMarché we are responding to the call of returning to a more simple way. Reconnecting to the land we live on and allowing its richness to guide us in health and wellness. After all, we were created to commune and live in harmony with nature. And so we encourage you to return to your wild and welcome the relationship with plants that we were designed for.

x, Christie

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