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6 Ways Sustainable Living is Budget Friendly

 At first thought, sustainable living seem expensive. Daily items can often cost more and be less convenient. This can feel daunting at first, but we believe you will be pleasantly surprised to find that sustainable living can be quite affordable and rewarding.

1. Replace one use plastic items with reusable ones.

These items might cost more up front, but will save you money long term.

Disposable items to easily swap now: plastic bags, cotton pads, plastic bottles, paper napkins, straws, cutlery.

*** focus on replacing single use plastics first. Use up what you've already purchased and then make the swap.

2. Save on clothing.

New sustainable clothing will cost more compared to fast fashion. Yet, due to the high quality, you will be able to get years of wear out of them. AND when you're ready to change things up, your items will hold their value meaning you can resell them!

Host a clothing swap with your friends!

Thrift store and vintage finds can often become your most treasured pieces.

3. Buying bulk dry goods will save you time and money. 

Planning ahead and buying in bulk for your dry goods means you'll save from not paying for packaging and processed foods.

You'll also save time grocery shopping as often. 

4. Buy less.

Instead of buying something, first ask yourself if you can repurpose or fix something you already own. ( i.e. jars, bags, clothing, etc.)

Before you leave the house, prep food in reusable bags to prevent you from buying fast food out of convenience.

Because much consideration will go into the things you buy (clothing, shoes, housewares, etc.) You will use them more, in turn needing or wanting less.

5.  Walk or ride your bike.

Save money on fuel by walking to the coffee shop, grocery store, gym, etc.

And you'll get your daily dose of vitamin D.

6. DIY.

If you could easily make it and save money, give it a try! Most likely, you'll  enjoy the process and be proud to use it. (skin care, cleaning products, etc.)

Keep in mind, you don't need to spend a dime to begin a sustainable lifestyle. Be creative with what you have and you'll instantly be making a positive difference for yourself, others, and our planet.  

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