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SPF: Not Just for Beach Days

SPF isn't just for beach days. Protecting your skin from the sun's harmful rays and preventing aging requires consistency... which means using it every day. This step in your skincare routine is all-too important. 

You'll thank us later. 


1. UV Rays are Just as Harmful in the Winter as They are in the Summer

Though its true that clouds can block some UV rays, it doesn't mean it's protecting you from the sun. In fact, snow can reflect UV rays and make them more intense.


2. UV Rays can Harm You Indoors

The sun can even give you a harmful dose of UV rays through windows of your home, car, or office. Windows do block UVB rays, but the skin-penetrating UVA rays still make it through. We recommend daily SPF for your commute in the car or if you hang out near a window frequently indoors.


3. It Will Prevent Aging and Preserve Your Youthful Skin

Regular use of sunscreen is proven to prevent aging and wrinkles, and in some cases reduce damage that is already done. Many dermatologists say that all other steps in your skincare routine are for nothing if you're skipping your daily SPF.

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