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A Safety Razor is For Everyone

If you are a person that shaves, finding an eco-friendly option without sacrificing your silky smooth skin can be a struggle. The market is currently flooded with trendy razors making it difficult to find the right match. Most of these options aren't different than your traditional disposables found at the supermarket. And lots of them lock you in to a subscription service that can feel a bit intimidating and predatory. 


OTHERS: Subscription services and pretty packaging are intriguing but at their core, they are disposables.


OUR CHOICE: The optimal choice is a safety razor. Before the commercial plastic razor, these were the go-to. Your grandpa probably used one of these! A safety razor is the best zero waste shaving option that offers a smooth shave and beats a multi-bladed disposable razor. Safety razors feature a metal body and a fully recyclable double edged metal blade.


How do I use it?

Using a safety razor may take some time getting used to. One of the main reasons people avoid them is that they don't know how to use them! The blades are sharper than disposables, do you don't have to apply pressure when you're shaving. Take your time, and no shaving in a hurry! Your shaving routine will take a little longer, but your skin will be much smoother than what you're used to!

How do I change the blades?

The makers of our safety razor, Eco-Roots, has a great video showing how to change out your blades once they're dull. Check it out here.

How do I recycle the blades?

The blades are fully recyclable but you can't just toss them in your recycling bin with everything else. Because they're sharp and can be hazardous for workers who sort through recycling at a recycling plant, you have to create a "razor bank" to keep them from harming anyone. You can use a thrifted and recyclable piggy bank, or make your own from a old cardboard tube. Use this to fill it up with old used blades, and then once its full you can toss the whole thing in the recycling bin.

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