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Change is Coming [part two]

For years, I’ve been drawn to a slow sustainable lifestyle. The simplicity of it, the esthetic beauty from goods produced by sustainable raw materials, and the benevolence behind environmentalism and slow living. Yet, I hesitated fully taking the leap. Most likely due to fear. Fear that I won’t do it perfectly, fear of being misunderstood, fear of going back to my old ways of consumption. Fear of failing.

No more. Life is too short to remain stagnant and not take a stance on something your gut is pushing you towards. Old ways won’t open new doors and they sure won’t help the earth thrive or create space for more love and peace.

Since I’ve chosen to take the leap and shift my mindset, I feel more aligned spiritually, physically, and mentally. There is beauty and enjoyment in being conscious about daily consumption. And being creative with how to minimize it. Everyday, taking one more step towards the quality of life I want for my family, myself, and my business.

When we named this business 4 years ago, we chose “Kindred Bohéme” out of the passion to serve like-minded individuals who desire an unconventional lifestyle.

Kindred is known widely for the phrase “Kindred Spirits”. Meaning: to have the same belief, attitude or feeling.

Bohéme is French for “Bohemian”. meaning: to live unconventionally. We chose the French term over English because it has a fresh, modern tone which is more relatable to our culture.

Therefore, Kindred Bohéme : like-minded spirits free from conventional standards of living.

Quite honestly, we reflect this name more now than when we opened. And feel a bit regretful we didn’t start out this way. Yet, unequivocally thankful for our expansion in resources and knowledge the last four years has brought us.

** I feel it’s worth noting that sometimes the term “sustainable” can bring about feelings of "blasé" . Our goal is to show you that a slow, sustainable lifestyle can be customized, creative, and stylish.

So what changes will you see in our business this year?

We will transition into offering only sustainable goods collections.: Clothing/Accessories, Self Care, Home, and Baby/Kids. Some brands we will continue carrying as they already fit the mold. And we will be introducing new brands as well as expanding our size range to accommodate all women. We will also be expanding our Home and Baby/Kids collections. Within all of these collections, our focus is to supply goods that you will use daily and enjoy long-term.

In addition to our goods transition, we will take the necessary steps in everyday operations to reduce waste and love our planet well. 

As stated in the first post, we will also be offering a daily/weekly blog series on slow, sustainable living so we can all learn and grow together. As well as hosting monthly events that align. Nothing but fun and creativity, promise! 

Truly exciting things are on the horizon. We are beyond grateful to you, our Kindred Bohéme community, for supporting and cheering us on as we join the beautiful movement of slow, sustainable living.

Change is scary, but change is good.

Courageux La Vie Bohéme (brave the bohemian life),



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